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Bingo News

Hard work, persistence and some timely advertizing seems to be paying off as we strive to move our Bingo Program into a region of reasonable profit. The lesson from our first six months of having Bingo back in our hall is that it was not as easy as we thought it would be. Now is not the time to slack off. I ask a renewed effort from all Knights. Too many of our most dedicated Bingo workers are the old timers who seem to have been doing this service forever. If our young membership does not carry on the tradition of Knights like Cecil Stockdill, Bill Merkel, Fred Smith, Jim Kasal, John Glanz, Sy Maier, Dick Hecker, Jay Schippers, and Chuck Hehn, our future fund raising potential will be in doubt. Every new 1st Degree Knight should be recruited to one of our eight Bingo teams. Our Council leadership must lead the way and show by their example the vital importance of a successful Bingo Program to the financial stability of Council 1214. As John Glanz so aptly stated recently—a successful bingo program is the price we pay for the ownership of our own hall. But beyond that it is the source of most of our charitable fund-raising. The next six months will be a make or break period for the program. Our future success rests clearly in our own hands. May God bless our efforts.

-Carl Przekurat, Bingo Director