News > October 2008

Knights Continue Tootsie Roll Tradition

In October of each year Knights of Columbus Council 1214 continues the decades-old tradition of the Tootsie Roll drive to benefit the intellectually disabled. The drive takes place at Fort Collins grocery stores. On the following weekend, the drive will continue after Masses at St. Joseph Catholic Church.

This tradition dates back to 1970, when three Knights with intellectually disabled daughters distributed Tootsie Rolls a means of raising awareness of the needs of the intellectually disabled in their own city of Chicago, Illinois.

The Knights of Council 1214 do not ask for donations during the Tootsie Roll event. They ask only that in this simple act of exchanging a piece of candy, the citizens of Fort Collins reflect on the lives of some of God’s special children. But the Knights do accept donations, and 100% of proceeds are donated to Foothills Gateway in our own community.