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May/June Newsletter: Grand Knight's Message

I attended a 1st Communion and a Confirmation in the last week, both important Sacraments of the Church, and milestones in our journey as Catholics. In both of these, the scriptures spoke of being visible followers of Christ. Especially in the sermon by Monsignor Tom Fryar at the Confirmation, he spoke of boldly proclaiming Christ. As Knights we are visible in the works we do as Catholic men. Our council, because of the bold moves of Knights before us, has an additional resource to use in our works, our hall. It is our turn to be bold and enable future Knights of our council to have this hall to use for good works in our community. Let us be thoughtful and bold.

I will be turning over the Grand Knight's gavel soon to our very capable Deputy Grand Knight Jon Fairchild. It has been a great privilege to serve the council, I have learned much, been inspired by other Knights, and have hopefully had a positive affect on the council. Not to worry, I'm moving to the trustee's table so I'll be around for some time to come. Be sure to look over the slate of officers and attend the last meeting in May to vote. Also keep in mind that there are directorships available that are appointed by the Grand Knight, so be nice to Jon and get appointed to your preferred position.

A large group of Knights (11) chopped and chipped wood at the Abbey on Apr 28th, thanks for the hard work, it can't hurt having the Sisters pray for us! One of our new Knights spoke to me after the officer's meeting; he has worked at the Mission breakfast and had a blast. After hearing what we've done, and what we're planning to do, he said that is exactly why he joined the Knights, to have more opportunities for service. Several Knights helped at the State Convention hospitality room and it was a great success. Some of the State Officers commented how well it had been run, and our State Deputy was happy with the work too. A special thank you to Tim Sharkey, who has been very involved with the council, and has now taken on the Events Manager position (with gusto I might add)! Also thank you to Sarah Schilz who has taken on the task of improving marketing of Bingo.

Vivat Jesus!

May the blessings of Lent and Easter enrich us all. In keeping with this theme we will not hold a business meeting on 12 March so that all Knights may attend the culminating session of the St. Joseph Parish Lenten Mission on that date. See you there.

-Michael Roberts, Grand Knight Council 1214